Telescopic Fibreglass Masts

2005 we startet with our very successful 12.5m telescopic fibreglass mast. By now we have a complete series of six different types between 10 and 15.2m. This grp masts are very similar to fishing rods, but are much longer. We prefer now grey colour, as black masts will become very hot in sunlight. The very long 15,2m modell should be only used by advanced operators, who have already experience, with this type of grp masts. These "extra-long" types are mainly designed for low band verticals. Horizontal antennas like dipoles should be fixed a few meters below the tip. Please watch also the handling tips at the end of this page. All masts are supplied with cloth bags. Following Types are available: ( Please also watch our accessories at the end of this page.)
The 10m GRP MINI (travel) mast 55€
This is our brandnew MINI - mast. With a transport-length of only 67cm fits also in a suitcase. The Bottom diameter is 48mm and the tip diameter is 4mm. The mast has
17 segments and a weight of 1300g. The color is grey and we also supply a clothbag.
This is the right choice for a holiday dx-pedition or SOTA operators. Price: 55 Euro each
Very solid:
The 10m GRP EXTRA (heavy duty) mast 69€

We proudly present our brandnew 10m heavy duty fibreglas telescopic mast. This rock solid model is 55mm wide at the bottom and has still 18mm diameter at the tip in 10m height. The weight of this mast is 3.2 kg and the transport lenght is 134cm. The segments are extra reinforced, so that this mast can carry also a horizontal wire antenna directly at the tip. (This is not possible with our other grp masts, which have only a 4mm tip). So if you are looking for a solid grp mast, the 10m EXTRA for just 69 Euro is the right choice for you !
12.5 m fiberglass pole EXTRA (heavy duty) 79 €
This mast is identical to the 10m mast EXTRA. But however, we added on the top two elements, so that now a height of 12.5 m is achieved. The top has therefore only a diameter of 8mm. This mast is primarily considered as a "stiff" vertical. The users, who want to secure a dipole at the top, are better off with the 10m EXTRA. As usual, a clothbag is with it.
Specifications: Transport length 134 cm, Weight 3,4 kg, color gray, bottom diameter 55mm, 8mm diameter at the top with a rubber cap; price 79,00 EUR
15,2m Telescopic Fibreglass Mast

This is one of our "extra long" fibreglass mast. The mast two segments more than our
"classic" 12,5 modell. This mast is mainly designed for vertical antennas and should only be used by "trained" users, who have already experience with shorter masts.
This is really no tool for beginners! We recommend our support plate MAB34 (3.50€), which helps to fix guy lines in about 6m height.
Technical data: total lenght 15,2m; color grey; 13 segments; transport length 134cm; bottom diameter 50mm; tip diameter 4mm; weight approx. 2,6kg, with cloth bag
Price: 79 Euro each
12,5 m Telescopic Fibreglass Mast "lite"
Please note, that the 12,5m mast has grey colour now. The pictures below show the mast in black colour, we used before !
This mast is somewhat longer (1.33m) and slimmer (41,5mm) than other GRP masts. This also helps keep the mast's slimline profile without sacrificing strength or adding weight.


Material: Non-conductive Fibreglass (GRP)
Colour: grey
Segments: 11
Length - extended: 12,5m
Length - collapsed: 1,33m
Diameter lower segment: 41,5mm (screwed cover = 49mm)
Diameter at 10m: 14,5mm
Diameter top segment: 3mm
Inner diameter lower segment: 38,5mm
Weight: ca. 1800g
Removable cap and top cover supplied
Shipping: DPD parcel service (incl. transport insurance) -
Price: 54 Euro each
10m Telescopic Fibreglass Mast " economy"
This is our economy model, for those, who are looking for a very light mast for a very moderate price. Because of cost reasons, this mast has still the "old" black colour. The transport lenght is about 15cm shorter in comparison with the longer masts. The weight is only 1,3kg. 10 segments, bottom diameter 37mm; Price: 39 Euro each


Coroplast Tape 30mm x10m, grey: 2,50 Euro each
MAB-22, support plate for 10 and 12.5m masts, ID 22mm:
3,50 Euro each, Set of 4 pcs 12,40 Euro
MAB-34, support plate for 15 and 16m masts, ID 34mm:
3,50 Euro each, Set of 4 pcs 12,40 Euro
small Carabiner 40mm, for MABs and portabel use: 1,50 Euro each
NEW:1,2m rubber profile for fixing the segments; 5,00 Euro (klick for instructions)
NEW: 100 pcs cable ties 4,8 x 300mm black; 4,00 Euro (klick for instructions)

Take note: The masts are shipped in special protective tubes. It is not always possible to include other items in these tubes. But small items like the above accessories could
be added without problems.
Tips for using the telescopic fibreglass masts...
Radio amateurs have been using glassfibre fishing rods for years. The advantages of their construction are their low weight-to-strength ratio, their ease of transport and their easy and quick deployment. However, you should be aware that this material isn't as strong and robust as - for example - aluminium. To ensure the most pleasure from your purchase, please remember the following tips...
When assembling the mast for use you can just pull each segment into place and lock it into position with a gentle turning motion. The lower segments can be locked using quite a bit more force than the upper segments. If you are not planning to use th etip, please remove i BEFORE use: that way you won't damage it by accident when collaping the mast after use. Seal the top of the mast against ingress of water. If the mast is going to be deployed for any length of time you should use adhesive tape to ensure that the mast cannot collapse. Whatever you use, make sure that no sticky residue remains to ruin the friction-locking portion of the segments. Now we have a new solution to fix the segments with a rubber profile and cable ties (
Click here ).
The top segment of the mast is not suitable for anything other than the lightest of loads - it is NOT suitable for tying off a horizontal wire antenna. Take great care when raising or lowering an extended mast as the top can easily reach the ground and get snapped off. Never forget that this sort of mast exercises a great attraction on children: a mast that is left to lie on the ground is CERTAIN to be broken in record time by somebody treading on it by accident...
Fibreglass is quite flexible under normal circumstances but becomes very brittle below 0c. Make sure that a mast left standing in the winter is properly guyed if it must be left standing at all.
If you do manage to break a segment despite taking all reasonable precautions I will do my best to supply a replacement at a reasonable price.