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TVI choke balun

This filter is an effective tool for suppression of  interferrence at radio and television equipment, when a strong transmitter is nearby. Often, the shielding of the coaxial cable from satellite or cable receiver system acts as an "antenna" for the most long-wave transmissions from a  nearby transmitter. With this choke, the shield of the coaxial cable is effective from
Receiver decoupled. The filter is looped into the antenna input of the SAT or cable box.
14 turns of mini-satellite cable 75 Ohm, double shielded on a Ferroxcube
Toroidal T36/23/15-3S4, connection F connector (crimped)
shield attenuation 30 - 35db in the range of 1MHz to 50MHz; 25db at 100 MHz
Weight approx 55g, length approx. 20cm
Accessories (included): Adapter IEC female to F-female, adapter IEC male to F female; F-connector (2x female)

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