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95cm telescopic antenna for handhelds/scanner

Modern handheld radios cover recently not only the amateur bands, but they often have also a wideband receiver , ranging from the short wave up to the gigahertz range . The delivery of these devices includes only a short rubber helical antenna. These "rubber duck" antennas have a very poor efficiency on frequencenies below 120 Mhc. If you , for example, want to listen to FM radio on 100 MHz or even lower frequencies, it is good to have a seperate  antenna on . Our telescopic antenna with 95cm is considerably longer than the usual handheld antennas . The antenna has a noble finish in black  and has a BNC connector, so that old hand sparks / handheld scanners can be connected. Because newer handheld radios usually have an SMA connector , we supply an adapter from BNC to the SMA plúg system. With this adapter the antenna fits to the current hand-held radios from Kenwood , Yaesu and Icom . If you push the antenna all the way down, in it can be used if necessary even for transmission on 70cm . Likewise, the transmission mode is possible on 2m when adjusting the antenna length to approximately 50cm .

Specifications: Color Black, 7-piece telescopic aluminium, length 95cm extended,
length 19cm inserted , connection BNC connector , incl . adapter BNCfemale . / SMAmale. , Weight 44g 


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