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standard choke balun 1KW

This is our simplest and yet most popular model. 6 ferrites LFB095051-000 of are strung together with 12 ferrites CST9.5/5.1/15-3S4 from to about 50cm RG142B / U Teflon®-Coax. The "total ferrite length" is around 30cm. The choke has an extremely wide bandwidth and an attentuation of about 1000 ohms in the range of 160m - 2m. It is shrink wrapped weatherproof and has PL259 connector (Teflon®insulation / gold pin) at the ends. A PL258 adapter (dual female / Teflon® / Gold) is included.

Here is a comparison of our choke baluns: Comparison Choke Baluns



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