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DX-WIRE Micro per meter
Antenna strand made from a special copper alloy
with high conductivity. This antenna strand was developed for
the construction of almost invisible wire antennas.

19 x 0,15mm  CuSn0,3 ;tinned
diameter strand  0,75mm
cross section ca. 0,34 mm2
Insulation made from FEP, grey
total diameter  1,0 mm
weight approx. 4,0 g/m
breaking load approx. 23 kg
temperature range -90 bis +180 deg. Celsius
not inflammable, self-extinguishing
100% UV and weatherproof
almost insivable
We do not recommend this product for portable use, DX-WIRE UL or FL is the better choice in the field !

We can cut any desired length!

We recommend a a shrinking  tube 1,2mm to 0,6mm
to reinforce the litz in the clamp area.
In this case, a 2mm simplex clamp would
be right clamp.


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