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DXW50 special PTFE coaxcable 50 Ω

The DXW50 special coaxial cable bridges the gap between RG316 (2.5 mm Ø)
and the RG142 (Ø 4.95 mm). The RG316 is for powerbaluns almost too
thin, while the RG142 is too thick and too stiff to make windings on toroid cores. This gap is filled by our DXW50 special. With its soft silverplated solid
copper inner conductor and only one screen it comes to an outer diameter of 3.7 mm.
In contrast to the RG142 it is soft and smooth and therefore can be very good used
for windings on toroid cores.

Inner conductor material: full copper wire, silver plated
Inner conductor diameter: 0.81 mm
Dielectricum: PTFE (Teflon ®), 2.4 mm
Outer conductor: copper braid, silver plated 4,5 / 16/0, 13
Jacket Material: PTFE (Teflon ®) white
Total outer diameter: 3.7 mm
Impedance: 50 ohms
capacity: 100 pF / m
Velocity factor: 0.70
Operating temperature: -55 to +200 degrees Celsius
Weight: 3.25 kg/100m

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