DX-WIRE Premium cut for your needs


DX-WIRE Premium - cut per meter
" perhaps the best litz-wire for antennas world-wide "

1,80EUR / meter
incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs (to DE)
Scaled Prices
from 50 meters1,70EUR - you save 0,10EUR
available within 3 to 7 daysavailable within 3 to 7 days **

DX-WIRE Premium cut for your needs

Aerial wire made of stainless steel / copper silverplated
Core 19 x 0.20 mm stainless steel AISI316
braided with 18 x 0.20 mm copper silverplated
Stainless steel cross-section of approximately 0.60 mm2
silverplated Copper cross-section approximately 0.57 mm2
Insulation made of ETFE grey ( similar to Teflon®)
Overall outside diameter of 2.1 mm
Weight about 12,9g / m
Breaking load of approximately 100 kg (1000 N)
temperature range: -100 to 155 deg Celsius (short-term peak: +180 deg C.) extremly weather- and UV resistant !
DC-resistance: 30 Ohms/km Made in Germany !

We can cut  any desired length!

DX-WIRE Premium
" perhaps the best litz-wire for antennas world-wide "

Boasting is surely not our business, but after ten years of intensive work in the field of antenna wires we have really developed a product that may be unequalled world-wide. DX-WIRE-PREMIUM is a flexible stranded antenna-wire comprising all our experience and the best materials available.

 The wire has a "core" of nineteen 0.2 mm stainless steel strands with a total diameter of 1 mm providing extraordinary strength as well as optimal resistance against corrosion. The relatively poor conductivity of stainless steel does not matter here, as due to the skin-effect there is no RF-current flow in the core.

 Low-loss RF-transport is provided by 18 silver-coated copper strands wrapped around the stainless steel core. It is really a technological challenge to obtain complete coverage of the core by a single layer without cross-overs of the silver-plated copper strands. It was fortunate to find a German manufacturer with the necessary know-how who agreed to produce such a high profile product in relatively small quantities.

 ETFE (EthyleneTetraFluoroEthylene), the premium quality insulation of this wire belongs to the same group of synthetics as PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), better known by its trademark Teflon®. ETFE does not fully reach the excellent electrical properties of PTFE, but its mechanical strength exceeds by far that of the relatively soft PTFE. Therefore ETFE was considered the better alternative. All fluoro-ethylenes show excellent resistance against chemicals and inclement atmospheric conditions in a wide range of temperatures. Their long-term stability is unequalled by any other synthetic material.

 As a matter of fact, even our PREMIUM-WIRE cannot exceed the limits set by the laws of physics. The electrical characteristics of the wire are well comparable to those of copper wire of the same diameter. Its real advantages, however, are the outstanding mechanical strength with regard to its small diameter as well as its extreme durabilty. No matter if in arctic ice or on tropical coasts this wire will guarantee year-long operation even in most difficult conditions.

 The main advantages of this premium product are:
-extreme life expectancy and resistance to weathering
-high break-strength at small diameters
-low loss RF-conductivity
-low weight and low wind load
-hardly visible because of its grey jacket
-easy to strip and solder

Admittedly, this up-market product is not intended for everybody or for every purpose. It would be a shame to waste it for some experimental antennas. However, if you consider the amount of time and money required for antenna mounting, it may well be more economical to choose our long-life DX-WIRE PREMIUM with its outstanding ruggedness instead of employing expensive specialists or renting heavy lifting-gear. Why not use top quality material from the beginning?

Please "scratch" the insulation prior to stripping with a sharp knife. 
For installation, we use duplex clamps 2mm. Again
we recommend to reinforce the "clamping area" of the litz
with a shrinking tube with adhesive. In this case a 3mm duplex
clamp is the right size.

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