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RG142B/U PTFE coaxcable

There is no 5mm coaxial cable that can withstand more power and is more durable
than the proven RG142B / U. Due to the high price, it is mostly used by commercial

customers.For short lengths, it is also used in the amateur radio service when
it comes to high performance and temperatures. We use the RG142 B / U
for our W2DU choke baluns, where a high temperature resistance is required.

At present we deliver the cable from HABIA ( no printing on the cable !)

Inner conductor material: copper coated steel wire, silver plated
Inner conductor diameter: 0.95 mm
Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon ®), 2.95 mm
Outer conductor: double silver-plated copper braid,
Jacket material: FEP, light brown
Overall outer diameter: 4.95 mm
Impedance: 50 ohms
Capacity: 95 pF / m
Velocity factor: 0.69
Operating temperature: -55 to +200 degrees Celsius
Power handling:  (10 MHz): 5KW
Weight: 6.4 kg/100m


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