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insulator IS120

By the specials disign and the basic material, its robustness against traction and climatic influence is extremely high! By use as a center-insulator or as guide-insulator for the ladderline, it corresponds to our spreader SP-120by  length.



material Bayer Bayblend T65 (ABS/PC) listed in UL-94 (USA)
colour black
operational temp. -50 to +90 deg C
UV-resistant yes
weight 14 g
max. traction 100 kg
lateral per bow 45 kg
total length 120mm
distance of hooks 104mm
diameter of ribs 18mm


The center- and the end-insulators are fundamental parts of an doublet-antenna. By the special design and the basic material we use, the robustness against traction and climate is extremly high! The HV-insulation length is 150mms, the two ends are made in form of crane-hooks (1) and the two lateral bows (2) are prepared for a flexible suspension of the dipole-center. The length is adapted to the spreader SP-120 or the distance between the two ladderline wires, ideal for the use as a center insulator.

For avoiding crossovers or for tighten the ladderline, an insulator IS-120 to be hooked in the ladderline just near to a spreader. By guiding a thin nylon rope through the two bows (2) and by fastening its two ends in lateral position, the ladderline is tight and remains in position, with no crossoverrisk by twist.


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