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DX-WIRE UL 85m reel

Antenna litz from aramid (Kevlar®) fiber +
6 x 0.25 mm, copper tinned
Cross-section of about 0,3 mm2
Insulation of polyethylene (PE), black
Overall diameter of 1.6 mm
Weight approx 4 g / m
Breaking load 60 kg

DX-WIRE UL - "ultra-light"

This stranded antenna wire is a further innovation by DX-Wire. To save weight the load bearing steel core has been replaced by one of synthetic fibres - to be more exact: by very thin fibres of Aramid. Better known by its trade name "Kevlar®" this material is a high-strength fibre with minimal ductility. It is heat-resistant and incombustible. Aramid is often used in heavy-duty ropes and even to reinforce bullet-proof vests. It does not matter that this material is not UV-resistant, as it is protected by a weatherproof sleeve. The thin fibres are wrapped with six tinned copper strands of 0.25 mm O.D. resulting in a mathematical cross-section of 0.3 mm2. However, as the strands surround the Aramid core the effective surface of the wire is substantially enlarged to an effective skin area of more than 0.5 mm2 in RF applications.

To make the mixed strands weatherproof they are pressure-coated with a UV-resistant polyethylene sleeve. With a total O.D. of only 1.6 mm (incl. insulation) and a weight of just 4 g/m the tensile-strength of 60 kg is exceptional. Considering the copper content of 3g/m the weight advantage of the synthetic fibre becomes obvious. With our DX-Wire UL you can build extremely long LW-antennas and Beverages with minimal slag, hardly possible with conventional antenna wires. DX-Wire UL lends itself for balloon- or kite-supported antennas. Its low weight and high break-load makes it most suitable for DX-peditions.

We are often asked how much power can be run using such thin wires. According to our experience, in "full-size " antennas they can stand up to 1500 watts in normal amateur radio duty cycles. For shortened antennas with their low impedances and high currents heavier wires should be used.

To protect the thin wire against damage and kinks from wire clips the ends should be strengthened with adhesive lined shrink tubing. This is particularly recommended for permanent and high-safety installations. Therefore we offer suitable shrink tubing as an accessory.

We recommend a adhesive lined shrink tubing,
to reinforce the litz in the clamp area.
In this case, a 3mm simplex clamp would
be right clamp.


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