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CST9.5/5.1/15-3S4 Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube's 3S4 manganese-zinc ferrite has exceptional wide-band properties (up to 1GHz) compared to nickel-zinc mixes. Threading 10 to 30 of these tubes onto 5mm coax (or even better, on Teflon coax) results in an efficient HF choke that comes into its own during contesting with multiple stations that need to be decoupled from one another. Another use for these HF chokes is the immunisation of radio communications systems, be they for transmitting, receiving, or both.

To improve the perfotmance below 7 Mhc, this cores can be combined with some LFB095051-000 cores .

Specifications: OD 9.5mm - ID 5.1mm - Length 15mm
Permeability: 1700
Impedance: 25MHz - 66 Ohm; 100MHz 110 Ohm (manufacturers data)
Practical impedance value (20 cores measured on the screen of a length of RG58 coax using an AEA CIA-HF Analyzer):
1.8 MHz - 722 Ohm; 3.6MHz - 985 Ohm; 7.0 MHz - 1000+ Ohm,
14.0 MHz - 934 Ohm; 21.0 MHz - 647 Ohm; 28.0 MHz - 501 Ohm



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