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6-band OCF wire antenna 750 Watt

Multiband wire antenna 80,40,20,17,12, 10, (6) m
1:4 current balun according to "Guanella" with two toroids
TX36/23/15-4C65 Ferroxcube toroids wound with Teflon ® wire 0.75 mm2
BAGB-180 balunbox with SO239 socket (N female on request)
antenna litz DX-WIRE FL with uv resistant PE insulation
Wingspan 40.8 m (legs: 27,2 m + 13.6 m)
Rope clamps made of stainless steel AISI316
Mini-insulators, black
Weight approx 0.9 kg
Load rating 750 W (if SWR below 1:2)
SWR usually below 1:2 (upper SSB range on 80m up to 1:3)                              

In Europe, a 1:6 balun is used for Windom (OCF) antennas usually. We use however,

a 1:4 current balun according to Guanella. In our view, this has the following

- better adaptation on 80m
- high power capacity
- broadband matching
- good supression of currents on the outer coax shield
I have been working over 10 years on Windom antennas with this
1:4 current balun and I have performed many experiments. Both I
and my customers are always surprised about the good results of
this simple wire multiband antenna.
When operating at 100 watts an additional choke balun is not necessary.
But with higher transmission power, however, we recommend the use
of additional choke balun at the feeding point.


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