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Mini - Insulator

This simple piece of plastic can do more for you, than you expect, when you look on it the first time. It is a high tech multi purose insulator, made from transparent, uv-resistant, impact resistant polycarbonate (Trademark Makrolon).

The secret of this small "miracle" are the two 20x5mm "long holes", which enable multiple fixing possibilities, which normal egg-insulators dont have. For example, you can fix the insulator on closed wire loops, without to open them. The transparent non reflecting material helps you to build nearly unvisable antennas. And there are absoluty no edges on the insulator, which could damage your wires or ropes. And this insulator is ultra light and unbreakable (only 6g), which helps you to keep the weight of your antenna low. This insulator is also the perfect tool for DX-peditioneers, which have to build antennas under "field conditions".

Here some data:
65mm long - 15mm wide - 8mm high
6g weight - polycarbonate material
unbreakable - uv-resistant
100kg maximum load (conservative)
two long holes 20 x 5mm
center hole 4,7mm (can be drilled up to 8mm)
designed and manufactured in Bavaria, Germany

Please consider, that mould costs for such a product are normally around 5000 euro and that this insulator is manufactured in relativ low quantities. Requests of distributors outside of Germany are also wellcome.

As one picture shows more than thousend words - above are some pictures of possible applications. I am sure, there are many more possible. That depends on your phantasy.


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