DX-WIRE HDL cut for your needs


DX-WIRE HDL- cut for your needs
heavy duty litz for extreme conditions

1,20EUR / meter
incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs (to DE)
Scaled Prices
from 100 meters1,15EUR - you save 0,05EUR
from 500 meters1,10EUR - you save 0,10EUR
available within 3 to 7 daysavailable within 3 to 7 days **

DX-WIRE HDL cut for your needs

Aerial wire made of stainless steel / copper
Core 19 x 0.30 mm stainless steel AISI316
braided with 80 x 0.10 mm copper (tinned)
Stainless steel cross-section of approximately 1.34 mm2
Copper cross-section approximately 0.64 mm2
Insulation of polyethylene (PE), black
Overall outside diameter of 3.1 mm
Weight about 21g / m
Breaking load of approximately 190 kg

Made in Germany !

We can cut  any desired length!

Type HDL: "heavy duty litz" wire is intended for most difficult conditions. The 1,5 mm diameter core consists of 19 strands of high-quality (V4A) stainless steel wrapped in a coat of 80 tinned copper strands of 0,1 mm diameter each. A high-grade insulation of uv-resistant, black polyethylene grants protection against the weather and mechanical strains. The core of stainless steel secures the enormous breaking load of 190 kg at a gross diameter of only 3 mm and moderate weight.

The coat of thin copper wires at the surface provides optimal conductivity for RF-currents flowing merely at the surface due to the skin effect. In this wire 0,64 sq.mm of copper equal the RF-conductivity of a stranded copper wire with a cross section area of 2,5 sq.mm. Unfortunately the manufacturing of this wire requires a lot of effort and such a product has its price.

We recommend  3 or 4mm duplex clamps
this DX-WIRE HDL litz.

For dismanteling a hot air gun might be
usefull to make the polyethylen jacket a bit softer.

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