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RG393/U PTFE coaxcable 50 Ω

Please ask for a individual quotation, when you need higher
quantities (25m and above) !

Specifications: RG393 / U

Inner conductor: 7x0, 79mm silver-plated copper
Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon ®)
Screen: 2 x silver plated copper braid
Outer diameter: 9.76 to 10.15 mm
Outer jacket Insulation: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene)
Impedance: 50 + / - 2 ohms
Capacity: 96pF / m
Operating voltage: 5.0 KV rms.
Max output at 10Mhz: 25000W
Max power at 1Ghz: 1700W
Attenuation at 400Mhz/100m: 16db
Weight: 245kg/km
Copper content 130kg/km
Silver content: 4.60 kg / km
Temperature range: -55 to +200 degrees C
Standards: MIL-C-17
Made in the EU

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