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DXW188 PTFE coaxcable 50 Ω
Our DXW188 cable is very similar to the popular RG316. While the RG316
uses silverplated copper weld steel for the center conductor, we prefer solid

silverplated copper wires for the center litz. This reduces somewhat the tensile
strength. The solid copper wires, however, reduce the attenuation under
10 Mhz in significantly (see also our DXW174) and improve the heat-
dissipation in the inner conductor. The DXW188 is primarily designed
for windings on toroid cores in baluns.

Inner conductor material: solid copper wires, silver plated, 7 x 0.18 mm
Inner conductor diameter: 0.54 mm
Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon ®), 1.55 mm
Outer conductor: copper braid, silver plated
Jacket material: FEP, brown
Total outer diameter: 2.5 mm
Impedance: 50 ohms
Capacitance: 95 pF / m
Velocity factor: 0.70
Operating temperature: -55 to +200 degrees Celsius
Weight: 1.5 kg/100m

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