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PTFE (Teflon®) - litz AWG18

Conductor: Multistrand silver-plated copper
Insulation: Teflon®(PTFE)
Operating voltage: 600V (to Mil-W-16878)
Peak voltage: 2500V (to Mil-W-16878)
Temperature range: -190c to 200c (conductor)
- 190c to 260c (Insulation)
Properties: solvent resistant, ozone resistant, weather resistant, UV-resistant, non-flammable.

AWG 18, ( for smaller baluns) conductor: 19 x 0,254mm, silverplated
square area: 0,962mm2,
total diameter: approx. 1,8mm
weight: approx. 12g/m
colour: grey
Made in Germany

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