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spreader SP50

Our very light, unconspicious and stable design for 40mm wire space, suitable for stranded wires 1,0 to 2,1mm dia.

With circular center groove for guiding the ladderline around obstacles.

Very good for indoor use due to the low secondary radiation level.

Recommended distance between spreaders approx. 35cm


material Bayer Bayblend T65 (ABS/PC) listed in UL-94 (USA)
colour black
operational temp. -50 to +90 deg C
UV-resistant yes
weight 1,9 g
length 50mm for 40mm spacing
wire diameter 1 - 2,1 mm


directions to our spreaders SP-50 to SP-200

The following instructions - referring to spreader 120mm (SP-120) - is generally valid for all of our spreaders from SP-50 , SP-120 , SP-150 to SP-200. For the smal spreader SP-50, points 1 - 3 only are valid, because of the other construction, replacing the center hole by a circular groove. This and the center hole are designed for guiding the ladderline around an obstacle with a thin nylon rope. Also this hole is prepared for mounting 4-wires-feeders or 6-wire-cage-antennas. This is easy to do by screwing 2 or 3 spreaders together by applying our adapters ASP-16.


                                                       Here: Spreader 120mm SP-120

The two clamp-forks (1) are made for holding the 2 wires in position, due to the angular guidance (2), the looking device (3) and the wire tension. The hole (4) and the adjacent lock (5) allows to screw two spreaders together in 90deg position for preparing 4-wires-feeders or 4-wires.cage-antennas. By using our adapter ASP-16, perfect 6-wire-cage-aerials with the spreader SP-200 are very easy o realize!

We explicit say to avoid ladderlines to be bent in sharp angles! To avoid this, the holes in our spreaders are made for supporting the line and to guide it in a softly curved way: by thin nylon rope through the hole and its end to be fastened somewhere nearby! To distance from spreader to spreader may be 100 to 200cm. Lower values are possible in curved positions. In case of very long or heavy ladderlines, we recommend our insulators IS-120, which can be introduced in the ladderline by its 2 hooks. The necessary line support to be made through the 2 bows of the insulator.


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