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Toroid Core TX58/41/18-4C65

Toroid core for high power baluns TX 58/41/18-4C65
This "european" core made by Ferroxcube can be used as a replacement type for the popular FT240-61. The beige expoxy coating is the "highlight" of the core, as most competitors have only "bare" surface. This core is good for voltage and current baluns from 160 - 6m with a power range of about 500 - 2000 watts, depending on application. This core is not in the regular ferroxcube programm and is a special order, which is manufactured for our company.
Specifications: OD 58mm, ID 41mm, Height 18mm, beige expoxy coating, AL = 160 (nH),
Permeability 125, weight 110g;

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